Go Green

It’s our goal to work as sustainable as possible. That’s why we try to minimize our C02 emission – and hopefully reduce it to 0 one day. As a service provider most of the CO2 is accumulated at business trips. When we can’t avoid those, we try to travel as eco-friendly as possible and to compensate occurring CO2.

Furthermore we already use these measures:

Videoconferences instead of business trips

Journey to the office by bike

Use of utilized items

CO2-Compensation at Coleida

Avoiding CO2

Our preferred and most effective measure is to avoid CO2 emissions at all. So we work without business trips and especially flights if those aren’t absolutely necessary.

Scope 1

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol distinguishes between Scope 1, 2 and 3 for emissions categories. Scope 1 includes emissions from sources that are directly owned or in the area of the company. This includes used primary energy sources and the fuel consumption of the company car.

Scope 2

Emissions from the use of bought energy belong to Scope 2. That means the quantity of purchased electricity for Coleida. We collect this data in order to compensate those emissions.


The above mentioned CO2 emissions we can’t avoid are compensated by offset-projects. We reached Scope 2 for 2019 and 2020. We aspire to achieve Scope 3, but an insufficient data situation hampers that. (You can find more information about the Scopes here.)


And that’s our approach for the compensation: At first we document the consumption of Scope 1 and 2 (e.g. power consumption and car trips, inclusive the estimated consumption in Home Office). On that basis, we calculate our CO2-consumption. Finally we compensate that at Atmosfair. This process is performed every year for the previous year.