Low code technologies

What are low code technologies?

The term “low code” is pretty self-explanatory: It’s the simplified development of software. This is done by means of a visual application designer or other graphical modeling methods. As a result it isn’t necessary anymore to code in a complex matter.

Hence, low code technologies are tools with whom employees without any technical knowledge can easily, fast and reliable create applications and automate business processes.

Who can work with them?

We know that there is an expert for every business process in an organization: its user.

We believe that a user with the freedom and the tools to improve this process can become an intrapreneur, making processes more efficient, easier to work with, and unlocking creative potential.

Especially one employee is going to work with low code technologies, the Citizen Developer: In broad terms, he is someone that both creates and uses applications although he isn’t a software developer.

Our vision

Microsoft’s Power Platform is ideal as an application platform for low code technologies: The most important implementations thereof are Power Apps and Power Automate: The first one is an environment in which you can create canvas, model-driven and portal apps. Power Automate on the other hand supports the development of workflows.

It’s our goal to enable organizations to use Microsoft’s Power Platform to become more agile, and to allow employees to be more creative and pro-active.

What is my benefit?

HR department

With low code technologies you can make the employees
of your company into intrapreneurs. Use the expert knowledge
of your employees and provide them with low code technology tools
with whom an employee can implement improvements
proactive, fast and safe. Increase staff satisfaction
by giving your employees more liberties and freedom of design.

Experienced specialist

Implement your expert knowledge
directly into better tools and processes. Thanks to low code technologies
now even without any IT-knowledge
and in keeping with the security policies of your company.

Division manager

Empower your employees to directly realize their innovative ideas.
Fastly implement new requirements and business processes -
without being dependent on limited development resources.
With the help of low code technologies your employees
are able to create save solutions so the data don't fall into the wrong hands.


When you give your employees low code technologies
you provide them with tools with whom they can independently improve applications and business processes
without additionaly burden IT resources. Thanks to the innovative and integrated
security concept of Microsoft's Power Platform you are able to controll who has access to which data - and who doesn't.
In the decentrally developed apps and processes you can also retain the information superiority and assert the security policies of your company.

What exactly are we doing?


We offer services in order to tutor your employees so that they can use LowCode-technologies, such as the Citizen Developer Trainings below.

Support of your employees

Furthermore we encourage you to develop customized applications with LowCode-technologies which can easily be operated and extended from you employees.

Our technologies

Within this process we rely on the tools of Microsoft’s Power Platform, Power Apps and Power Automate.

An example

We offer services in order to tutor your employees so that they An application in which you can document your working hours. This can also be integrated into existing accounting and HR-systems.

Citizen Developer Trainings

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